My research is currently focused on the development of contemplative practices for the university physics curriculum based on our evolving understanding of the human mind from cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience.  These practices are aimed at addressing some of the most fundamental objectives of a liberal arts physics education, including effecting conceptual change, developing self-knowledge, recognizing of connections between physics and human society, and supporting the inclusion and retention of all individuals in the field of physics.  Thus far, our collection consists of a wide range of practices, including metacognitive and meta-affective writing, meditations on our sensory and embodied experience of the physical world, and contemplative videography essays.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in getting involved with this research, please email me with to set up a meeting. Please include a writing sample and a resume, if available.

If you are a faculty member interested in using contemplative practices in your classroom, please email me for more information.

Recent Publications:

Zosia Krusberg, Andrew Feldman, and Elam Coalson. Contemplating electrodynamics. In preparation for publication in The Physics Teacher.

Zosia Krusberg and Meredith Ward. Classical physics and human embodiment: The role of contemplative practice in integrating formal theory and personal experience in the undergraduate physics curriculum. The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry 5(1), 57 (2018). Link.


Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Bibliography